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    Please send all DMCA Requests to responds to all DMCA requests

    General Forum Rules.

    PLEASE NOTE: Some site sections have additional rules and guidelines. These will be stickied threads at the top of the site section. Always read the stickied rules in the section before posting.

    01. Posting spam, advertisements or phishing will result in a permanent ban from the site.

    02. Search before you post. Add to an existing thread before starting a new thread whenever possible. Do not duplicate the same post. Always add better quality pics or links that use a different host to the same thread.

    03. Choose the forum that best suits your content, then post it there and only there. Duplicate posts in different site sections are not allowed.

    04. Staff may move/edit/delete/merge posts or threads at any time. If this happens, don’t publicly throw a tantrum. Feel free to contact a staff member for an explanation.

    05. Never publicly argue with staff. Address any concerns or complaints via Private Message. If you still cannot get resolution, send a Private Message to any Administrator.

    06. Do not ignore Private Messages received from staff. They contain important information and might require a reply. Disregarding staff instructions will result in an infraction.

    07. Always be respectful of everyone on the forum.
    07a. Patently offensive, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, raunchy, etc., comments are not permitted On this site.
    07b. “Trolling” is not allowed in this forum. Examples of “trolling” include:

    Starting threads knowing it will piss people off.
    Commenting knowing it will just piss people off.
    Generally creating a negative environment.

    08. Do not “Flood” the forum with posts or with written comments. Be an active member, but use good judgment with what you post. Repetitive posting just to raise your post count is not encouraged. Staff reserves the right to delete repetitive or duplicative posts.

    08a. Do not bump/comment on more than 10 posts in one section per day unless adding new content to the post.

    09. If you have any questions about these rules or anything else regarding the forum, post in the Important Information/Site Help/F.A.Q Section of the site or contact staff via Private Message.

    10. Underage Content is not allowed here.
    10a. Minimum age for Posting a Celebrity or Model is 18.

    11. Do not post link shorteners, protectors or anonymizers. Links should be “live” and “clickable.” Links that do not comply with these requirements may be deleted.

    12. Links to your blogs, websites, etc., are not allowed in your signature without an Administrator’s permission.

    13. Do not bump threads for no reason. You should be adding new content. Commenting or bumping threads that are more than 3 months old will result in an infraction.

    14. Do not use cash hosts (e.g. link.bucks).

    15. Post all the links to pictures and not just a link to a folder.

    16. Copying links from other sites and posting them here is not permitted. All members must upload material to this site using their own links. If you are not willing to take the time to undertake your own downloads and uploads, we would rather that you didn’t post pictures here.

    17. All posts including the title must be in English. English is the primary language of our forum.

    18. Generally speaking, members may have “1 image no larger than 500 pixels wide x 250 pixels high” for a signature. More specific signature rules can be found in the Important Information/Site Help/F.A.Q. Section of the site. Please review these rules before adding a signature to your profile. Signatures that do not comply with our rules will be deleted.

    19. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Anyone found using multiple accounts will be immediately banned.

    20. We do not support link dumping or spam posting and we reserve the right to remove your thread at any time.

    21. Hotlinking directly to images or videos is not allowed on the site. In particular, do not hotlink to images from tumblr sites. When in doubt, download the image, host it yourself using one of the approved hosts listed here, and then use that to post your thread.

    22. Gif files must have a file size of LESS than 10MB.

    23. Do not use a gif file as your avatar unless you first obtain permission from a site Administrator to do so.

    24. Do not post requests (e.g., fix this link; re-upload pics, post more pics of this model, etc.) in threads. Use the special request thread or communicate with the original poster by private message.

    25. Do not post content from any of the following sites:
    Suicide Girls
    Gods Girls

    26. No Porn is allowed to be posted here.

    27. The staff has the right to ask you to change your user name if we find it questionable, inappropriate or offensive in anyway.

    28. Fake or altered Pictures are not allowed.

    Rules for Picture Posting.

    These rules are in addition to the forum general rules.

    1. The following Imagehosts must be used to post thumbnail galleries.

    2. The following host is to be used for gifs ONLY.

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